Learn. Collaborate. Network. Publish.

A Community of Action (CoA) brings like-minded COACH Members together to produce a deliverable on any HI or digital health topic in which they share an interest. The plan is simple:

Step One: The Idea

A COACH Member has an idea or topic they would like to research, expand upon, explore, or write about. They might have a challenge they’d like to share. Or just a really big question.

Step Two: The Group

The idea, topic, challenge or question is posted here, on the COACH website, and shared with the COACH Member community. The owner may already have a group they want to work with, or they might want input from other members, in which case they will create an open group. Anyone can apply to join an open group and contribute their expertise and experience – this is how a new CoA is formed.

Step Three: The Work

The shelf life of a CoA should be short: experience tells us that the shorter the timeframe, the more productive the group. Each Community of Action (CoA) will assign individual roles and a schedule that works for the team (for example: a CoA with a three-month timeline might find it useful to speak every two weeks).

Step Four: The Product

This is the important part: the end-goal of every CoA is to produce something. The final product will enable the group to share what they’ve learned, and hopefully, enhance the understanding of HI or shine a light on a neglected corner of the digital health ecosystem. It might be as simple as an infographic or a few slides, or as in-depth as a white paper or report. The group can decide. But it’s crucial that group findings are shared with the COACH community – and beyond.


Operating as a community of equals with Leaders, Team Coordinators, and Core Working Groups, CoA participants exchange ideas and information, enhance their understanding of a particular HI subject and seek answers to specific questions.The advantage of a CoA community is the ability to connect people of different levels, from different cities, across multiple sectors, all working toward a common goal for a brief period of time.

Leading a CoA is a great way to get a fresh perspective on a stale problem, or find a creative solution to a challenge.  Joining a CoA will introduce you to new colleagues, expand your career horizons, and add a publication to your resume.

Current Communities of Action (CoAs)